Dead Frog on the Porch … is on the porch!

The book arrived today! It’s a real live book! Oh, what a feeling holding that book in my dry, chapped, Calgary weather beaten hands. The book is here, the drycleaner found the pants that I plan on wearing to the book launch, and there is a cake with a very exacting facsimile of the cover etched in icing! Life is good! The book looks and feels awesome. Kudos to Gumboot Books.
Here’s what I’ve learned this week while waiting for my debut novel Dead Frog on the Porch to arrive:
  • standing in your living room, starring out the picture window, holding your arms up and yelling to the delivery gods “where’s the truck” does not make the truck appear, it just confirms what your neighbours already think about you;
  • the Purolator truck racing by your house will not turn into a DHL truck no matter how much you want it to (that goes equally for the plumbing, furnace and city water trucks); and,
  • the delivery guy will probably materialize as soon as the hair dye you’ve applied starts dripping down your forehead.

The launch is tomorrow, Saturday October 17th, at 1 p.m. at MonkeyShines Children's Book Store, in Calgary at 113, 2215-33rd Ave. S.W.

Let there be cake. Oh, there will be cake!


Angie said…
Congratulations! I think that is so exciting. Hope the launch party was a big success!

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