Advanced praise for Dead Frog on the Porch and a slightly menacing email from a young reader

wanted to give a big shout out to the two writers who gave me back (and inside) of the book quotes. They are Teresa Toten and Shenaaz Nanji.

I first met Teresa in Peter Carver’s writing for children workshop at George Brown College in Toronto in the early 1990s. When I entered this class I knew I was playing with the big dogs now. Many writers in the group have not only gone on to be published, but they have gone on to have their work recognized with literary nominations and awards. When I started the class, Teresa’s first book The Onlyhouse, was put under contract. This didn’t stop her from being helpful and supportive of the new dogs in the class. I still have a hand written critique she did of an earlier version of the manuscript.

Shenaaz Nanji is currently in my writers’ group and will get a longer writer up when I profile each group member. I first met her in the writer’s community in Calgary. Her enthusiasm for writing and desire to continuously grow as a writer made me realize I needed her in the group I had formed. When I outgrew the group I left her holding a whole plate of samosas (“Jan, these other ladies don't eat samosas the way you do!”) and I infiltrated her into the group I had just joined (and the group we are still in).

Both of these talented writers have been nominated for the Governor General’s Award for Literature. For those of you outside of Canada, this is the country’s highest literary award. When I was telling my niece how excited I was to have two GG nominees write my quotes she said: “You should be one of those – a GG nominee.” Yes, I will get right on that!

Here are the quotes for Dead Frog on the Porch:

"Shady scientists, fraudulent frogs, and two terrific twins adds up to a delightful mystery. Cynthia and Jane are fearless in their quest to end "crimes against amphibians." This story is full of outsized characters, outrageous creatures and a sweet goofy humour that propels each page. Tons of fun!"

Teresa Toten Author of The Game, Governor General Awards nominee 2001; and Me and the Blonds, Governor General Awards finalist 2006.

“Readers who enjoy a good laugh and a good mystery will devour this uproarious, fast-paced story in which the feisty twin sisters Cyd and Jane take a megabyte out of crime! It is Nancy Drew for the iPod generation! Markley’s debut novel filled with suspense and zany humour and told with pizzazz ushers in a new voice in the mystery genre. A sure winner!”

Shenaaz Nanji Author of Child of Dandelions Governor General Award Finalist 2008.

It’s a good thing the book will be available in the next couple of days because I'm beginning to feel the pressure already. I received a menacing and slightly ‘threatening’ email from a young reader, the daughter of a friend of mine. You may remember Lydia from the blog post Getting Down and Dirty or Why you need to get the words right.

Here’s the email:

Hi Jan:

For my birhtday party, the loot bag is going to be your book. i thought you shoud know. so it better be out by then. lydia

My response: Ohhhhhh, I'm shaking in my bunny slippers!


Eileen Schuh: said…
Hi, Jan,
The email from your young fan regarding "Dead Frog on the Porch" is so cute! What would we do if we didn't have the wee ones nagging us?

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