Sasquatch - a Superhero for Writers

Someday I'll do a blog post that doesn't involve the Sasquatch, but it's not today.
I've received another Blog award. It was from Jade, over at Jade Hears Voices (I think they have medication for that now). Jade is one of my followers (that word makes me want to find a balcony and belt out the lyrics from Don't cry for me Argentina) and describes herself as a slightly crazed wannabe writer - I think slightly crazed is a prerequisite to being any kind of a writer. Check out her blog, she's got a funny and quirky down under kinda voice to her writing.
This time it was the Batman Looking Over Gotham (Blogman) Award. Which is fitting because I had a crush on the original Batman when I was 12 years old. I missed most of the Batman movies as an adult because I was out of the country at the time. But I did manage to catch the one with Val Kilmer as Batman with my nephews years ago. The only seats left were in the front row and I spent the whole movie staring up Val Kilmer's noes. But, really I digress here ...
So these are the conditions of getting the award...
1. Tell us your favorite superhero and why 2. Copy the badge and post it to your blog 3. Present the badge to five other worthy bloggers 4. Post links to five people you nominate 5. Let your nominees know they've been chosen
Despite my early crush on Batman, he's not the superhero I would choose. It's an unlikely choice, but I'd have to say that the Sasquatch is my favourite superhero; and I think writers the world over should adopt him as their superhero.
The facts don't lie. Sasquatch has the super ability to sequester himself for long periods of time and eschew human contact for even longer periods of time. Sasquatch has the super human ability to stand the smell of his unwashed body for longer than most writers can. And despite his lack of hygiene and avoidance of human contact, he appears to have access to his emotions (if we chase him, does he not flee? if we find some of his fur, do we not DNA him?) which is essential for a writer.
Those are qualities that writers value, so why not declare the Sasquatch the writers' superhero? Why not indeed. I challenge anyone to come up with a better superhero for writers.
My latest favourite blogs that I would pass this award on to are:
That's all I can think of right now ... must return to Sasquatch cave ... must keep writing ...;-j


Angie said…
Sasquatch! Great superhero. Congrats on your Batman Blogger award.
annerallen said…
Definitely Sasquatch. I think he came to a writers conference I attended a few years ago...

I adored Adam West's batperson, too. I had a batman cape and mask and everything.

I agree about "followers" being an inadequate term. Over on my blog, the I Heart Nathan Bransford club was trying out names for his multitudinous blog peeps: bleeps maybe?

I'm now one of your bleeps. Come visit my blog at
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Anne:

I heart Nathan Bransford too! He rocks.
About a month or so ago, YA author Susan Adrian did a fun contest for Tiara Day. Participants had to write a story using the words "tiara", "sparkly", and "princess" in 50 words or less. My favorite entry read as follows:

"He temped at their office for one day.

He was tall, grunty, and disturbingly hairy: it crowned his head like a tiara, curling from his sleeves in tufts.

The desk drones and the princesses working the sparkly front desk sniggered as he typed.

None suspected he was actually Bigfoot..."

Hilarious, huh?
Jan Markley said…

I like your blog.

Cheers, Jan
Eric said…
I was doing a search to see how far afield the batman award has gone. You see, Elana Johnson and I created the award (long story), and I was thinking about it today. Oh, and someone else created the icon, but I'm blanking right now as to who did it. Anyway, I really like your answer and choice of superhero. Really original. So congrats on being a lucky recipient.

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