Dead Frog on the Porch has leaped onto Amazon!

The friend I went to India with, Amber, says that all of my stories start with “Back in the 80s …” and by 80s she means the 1880s! Sure, a lot of my stories start with “Back in the 80s …” but I don’t think that things were better then. In fact, I’m loving what technology has done to book marketing and social networking.
In the 80s there was a popular television commercial for shampoo, with the tag line “I told two friends, and they told two friends and so on, and so on.” If you admit to being around in the 80s you’ll remember it. If you weren’t around in the 80s then check it out below. And yes, that is Heather Locklear, complete with the big hair from the 80s. (I think the video has been locked in a dusty vault since the 80s because the sound quality is crappy).
That commercial is an analogy for social networking. Now a-days you can ‘tell two friends’ (and many more) through email, face book, blogs, twitter etc., with the click of a mouse. It’s much easier to get the word out far and wide. Internet social networking is the super caffeinated, hyped up, you’re-not-in-the-80s-anymore-Dorothy version of that commercial.
This brings me to my point (yes, I have one thank you!). My debut novel for middle-grade readers Dead Frog on the Porch is now on, and
I’m requesting (nay, challenging) all of my blog readers and face book friends to ‘tell two friends’ (and then some!), to fully launch my novel into the blogosphere! (or should that be the webospher?!).
Oh, yes, you know Amber from her Forgotten Bookmarks fame and her bloodletting Cat Atticus from Atticus Catticus and Why You Should Follow Submission Guidelines.
Take it away Heather.


Peter said…
Hilarious post! I have told two people and plugged DFOTP on my Facebook! Cheers,
Al said…
Good luck with the campaign!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Al! Nice pics on your blog. ;-j

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