What happens in book club stays in book club …

So the number of homemade cookies the guest author (moi) ate at the Owl’s Nest Books Junior Owlets Book Club – stays in book club!

I had a great time at book club. There were thirteen really enthusiastic kids (ranging from 8-11 years of age) who had all read my book (one accidently dropped it in a puddle but hey – reading is an extreme sport).

They read, they discussed, they drilled me, they debated photosynthisis, and they ranked (with disturbing precision – I think they were tougher than the Olympic figure skating judges)!

Dead Frog on the Porch ranked an 8.26 out of 10! They liked the characters, the problem the protags had to solve, and they thought it was funny. Which is all good.

Now, I think all kids are bright and talented, and these kids were no exception. There was one girl who is in grade three and is reading at a grade eleven level, another who is ten and in grade six! The boy, who said he reads anything he can get his hands on, has the entire works of William Shakespeare and began describing the plays to me. This was comforting because in the next Megabyte Mystery Dead Bird through the Cat Door – Methinks the culprits doth protest too much. Shakespeare’s Macbeth gives Cyd and Jane some clues to solving the mystery of why Aviary Finch, the director of the bird sanctuary, is getting rid of all the birds.

Book club was a great experience and thanks to Cynthia at Owl's Nest for inviting me. I love the fact that kids love reading enough to get up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to go to book club. Plus …Cynthia's homemade cookies totally rocked it!


Sounds like you - and the kids - had a great time!
Anonymous said…
What an adorable post. It must have been fun to hang out with that group of kids, all askign them question about your book.

And congrats on your 8.26!
Anonymous said…
It was such a pleasure to have you, Jan. Congrats on the ranking -- you're right, our kids are tough.

-Judith, on behalf of Owl's Nest

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