The Blogging Nieces!

Two of my nieces have launched blogs. The first blog belongs to my niece Kate McConaghy, who is living in New York working as an actress. The blog is called Barbie Kong and examines how celebrity and societal influences are shaping the lives of the 2010 woman. It is fun, entertaining, and insightful. Kate would love it if you dropped by for a look and became a follower. The other blog belongs to my younger niece Teaghan. Teaghan is 12 and is also know as my marketing manager/video production manager. She created my book trailer for Dead Frog on the Porch and a video about Sprite my crazy rejection letter eating cat.
Her blog is called the Tiny Canadian (or as I like to call it - the Random Rumblings of the Tiny Canadian). It also examines burning societal influences such as: What is tofu – some sort of white pasty emotionally disturbed jello that has come to destroy the world?; Where would we be without the LOL Cats?; and Why don’t goldfish bounce – are they really fanged water demons of doom? Burning questions explored from the point of view of a 12 year old. She’d be thrilled if you, or your favourite 12 year old, dropped by for a peak at her blog and became a follower. She also has another blog that is about saving the environment called The Big Green Project. She believe kids can save the environment one act of conservation a day and asks kids to sign up and record what they've done for the earth today.
Wow - talented, busy, blogging nieces changing the world one blog post at a time! And here at Three dead moths in my mailbox ... I explore such weighty societal (writerly) issues like why you need to get down and dirty and get the words right and what lime marmalade teaches you about character development.


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