"You had me at homemade chocolate chip cookies ..."

I’ll be attending the Owl’s Nest Books Junior Owlets Book Club (for children grades 3-6) on Saturday where my book will be featured and discussed.

Making liberal use of the comic literary device of hyperbole – this is how the opportunity was presented to me by Cynthia, the book club organizer:

You will arrive pre-dawn, on what will in all likelihood be a cold February morn (aren’t they all?) You will wait, alone and in the dark, outside the store, which won’t yet be open. At an appointed time you will be asked to recite the secret harry potter-devinci code-heart of darkness like code word and you will be let into the store. Ten children will have read your book. No parents are allowed in the room. The children will drill you on the content of your book and ask you questions. Then they will rank you – possibly off the shelf and maybe off the island. And they are tough; don’t let their youthful exuberance fool you. If they don’t make you cry, they won’t feel like they’ve done their job. And then you will be invited to eat home made chocolate chip cookies.

My response: you had me at home made chocolate chip cookies – it took a while to get there, but when you did - you had me.

Fear not sweet bloggowers, I shall return, with perhaps a slightly treaded upon ego and fingers covered in chocolate chip cookie crumbs, but I shall return.

I look forward to the adventure … (Cynthia emailed back to say the kids wanted me to know that I can have as many chocolate chip cookies as I want.)

P.S.: Owl’s Nest has a range of book clubs for children, teens and adults – check them out.


Thanks for letting Ailie post on your blog, Jan! I've Facebooked and tweeted it. Love the idea of stalking as a key to success in publishing.

Melanie Jackson
Jan Markley said…
My protag Cyd looks forward to her guest blog post as well!

Cheers, Jan

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